Cardiac Metrics is introducing world-class mobile health monitoring wearable technology with clinical quality monitoring and diagnostics. Cardiac Metrics is enabling patients and clinicians with remote clinical diagnostics. With our focus on cardiovascular and pulmonary healthcare, we are offering clinical quality vitals and leadless electrocardiography (ECG). Our leadless ECG patented technology provides up to 12 standard ECG channels without the lead wires, maximizing patient comfort, and user adoption of wearable sensors. Our mobile medical devices provide real-time relevant information for clinicians to monitor their patients and make a clinical diagnosis, including Cardiac Blood Flow Balance, Arterial and Venous Pulse Oximetry and Respiratory Rate, and Cardiac Hemodynamics.

Data streams seamlessly to our servers which provide valuable web services to enable clinicians to browse patient data and receive alerts for abnormal events.  

Cardiac Metrics innovations will additionally bring numerous valuable non-invasive parameters to our monitoring platforms, including cardiac balance and hemodynamics monitoring, for early prediction of cardiac adverse events!

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