Cardiac Metrics is introducing the world's most advanced mobile health monitoring technology for vitals with clinical quality diagnostics, including up-to 12 channel leadless wireless electrocardiography technology. Our leadless ECG xWatch and xPatch provides a 3-lead, 5-lead, or up to 12-lead standard ECG waveforms from a small wearable watch or patch that is flexibly positioned on the patient's body, with no lead wires, and with complete wireless connectivity and access. Our patients have the safety of remote monitoring technology with mobile server connectivity, automated abnormal rhythm classifications, and alerts.

Our solutions have the potential to create innovative applications that will transform the world of Electrocardiography, and provide patients with mobility, comfort, and continuous noninvasive ECG monitoring for improved care and outcomes.

Cardiac Metrics is currently fund raising. Qualified investors can contact us for more information.

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